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Second Periodic Test Free Essays

PERIODIC EXAM ENGLISH Name: _________________________________Year Section: _________________________ I. SPEAKING: DIRECTIONS: Tell whether the statements below use a RISING INTONATION or a RISING- FALLING INTONATION. Write R for rising and RF for rising-falling intonation. We will write a custom essay sample on Second Periodic Test or any similar topic only for you Order Now _____1. Have you study your lessons? _____2. I have seen the movie twice. _____3. When is the deadline for the submission of our project? _____4. Are you sure? _____5. She might be late. II. READING LITERATURE A. DIRECTIONS: Use the articles A, AN and THE in the nouns below: 6. The leader of ___________ group is good. 7. _______ apple a day keeps the doctor away. 8. My father is ________ honorable man. 9. We went to _________ DILG office. 10. ______ new song is being played. B. DIRECTIONS: Select the reference material needed below. Write your answer on the space provided. _________________________11. The population of the Philippines in 1990. _________________________12. The meaning of the word â€Å"outrageous†. _________________________13. The different kinds of insects. _________________________14. The color of the Japanese flag. ________________________15. The stress mark of the word â€Å"sedimentary. † ( YEARBOOK OR ALMANAC, ENCYCLOPEDIA, ATLAS, DICTIONARY ) C. DIRECTIONG: Supply the missing word in the analogy below: 16. School is to study as church is to ______________________. 17. Bark is to dog as buzz is to _______________________. 18. White is to good as black is to ___________________. 19. Sun is to day as moon is to ____________ ________. 20. Allah is to Muslim as Christ is to ___________________. D. DIRECTIONS: Encircle the letter of the correct answer. 21. Who is the wife of Leon? a. Mariab. Emeliac. Lumnay 22. What did Mr. Angeles brought to his family? a. caretelab. beansc. mats 23. The following are dead children of Mr. Angeles EXCEPT†¦ a. Josefinab. Marcelinac. Victoria 24. He was the brother of Leon. a. Juanb. Antonioc. Baldo 25. She was the new wife of Awiyao. a. Madulimayb. Madulumnayc. Lumnay E. DIRECTIONS: TRUE OR FALSE. WriteT if the statement is true and F if it is wrong. ___26. Maria was afraid of Labang. ___27. The beads given to Lumnay by Awiyao will be given to Madulimay in the wedding. __28. All the children of Mr. Angeles have received a mat. ___29. Marcelina’s mat has a symbol of Aesculapius for she is a medical student. ___30. The passing at night at the Waig was one of the tests given by Leon’s father to Maria. ___31. Maria was a typical city woman. ___32. Maria was not accepted by the family of Leon. ___33. The mats brought by Mr. Angeles were special and unique. ___34. The reason of the separati on of Awiyao and Lumnay was Madulimay. ___35. Lumnay joins in the wedding dance and finds also a husband. III. GRAMMAR A. DIRECTIONS: Identify the pattern of the sentences below. Write S-TV-DO or S-TV-IO-DO in the space provided. _________________36. Mr. Angeles gave Nanay Emilia a mat. _________________37. Awiyao left Lumnay. _________________38. Leon showed Maria the place. _________________39. Mr. Angeles brought presents. _________________40. Awiyao comforted Lumnay. _________________41. Mr. Angeles remembered his dead children. _________________42. Leon’s family accepted Maria. _________________43. Awiyao gave her the beads. _________________44. Lumnay offered Kabunian a pig. ________________45. Awiyao asked Lumnay a question. B. DIRECTIONS: Look for the prepositions in the poem below. Encircle a preposition only once. A thousand times in my dreams I have walked with you Hand in hand, down the glittery way Without a worry, not a care in the world, No sorrow, no torture, no dismay, There we were: two figures in the incessant night, Swallowed by the searing darkness Embraced by the fleeting sa dness, And then we would look to the sky and see, The shining harvest of the distant stars, Our sky, our sky, my starlight, our sky sown with stars. How to cite Second Periodic Test, Essay examples

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Abstract Expressionism (137 words) Essay Example For Students

Abstract Expressionism (137 words) Essay Abstract ExpressionismAbstract expressionism is a movement in American painting of the late 1940s andearly 1950s acclaimed throughout the world. The dominance of American art datesfrom the success of the Abstract Expressionists, their formal innovations andnew techniques were crucial to the development of Western art, and many artiststoday still make use of their ideas or react against them. AbstractExpressionism was first used to describe the works of Kandinsky and RobertCoates. The main characteristics of Abstract expressionism paintings are largescaled, generally abstract but with some figurative elements. The artists hadlaid great stress on the process of painting, regarding it as a ritual act, theyoften used household paints and developed methods of applying them to thecanvas, The major figures of the movement were Willem De Kooning, JacksonPollock..etc.BibliographyWillen De Kooning: Easter Monday, 1956 JacksonPullock: No.1 (Lavender Mist), 1950

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The Birth of a Goal free essay sample

As a child younger than four years old, I had watched Jerry thwart Tom in Tom and Jerry a multitude of times already. It never got old. This was the beginning of my love for animated television shows and movies. I also discovered a joy for drawing during that time period in my life. I grew up watching an assortment of animated television shows and movies. I was particularly captivated by The Lion King. No matter how many times I watched it, something about it just filled me with happiness. I was also engrossed with the shows Arthur, Pokemon, and Dragon Ball Z. Much of my time was also spent drawing at a table or desk. I also enjoyed walking around with my drawings and creating stories with them. While many children played in the gym at my afterschool daycare, I preferred to draw or watch animated television shows on the television there. We will write a custom essay sample on The Birth of a Goal or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page It was not that I was being unsociable. It was just because I loved doing those two activities so much. Of course, I have changed a lot throughout the years, but I have retained my interest in art, creating stories, and watching animated television shows and movies. As I grew up, those interests developed and matured. I began using more mediums and creating different kinds of artwork. My artwork became more refined. My stories became more mature and well thought out. I watched more animated television shows and movies and became able to understand them more thoroughly. I had also developed an interest in reading manga (Japanese comics). One manga series I read is called Bakuman. It’s about two middle school students and their dreams of becoming manga artists. I admired their drive and determination to achieve their dreams. I was particularly impacted by the way in which the main character changed from someone who didn’t know what his dreams for the future were and had decided to just take the â€Å"normal† path, as he calls it, of getting into a good high school, then a good college, then get a job at a good company, into someone with such motivation to become a manga artist. Reading Bakuman was part of the reason why I decided I don’t want an occupation that I didn’t like. I want to enjoy doing what I do to make a living. I want an occupation in which I can use my love for art, creating stories, and animated television shows and movies. I also want an occupation in which I can influence people, especially children, positively, giving them joy and spreading values to them, and hel ping them improve their own lives and the lives of people around them. At first, I wanted to become a manga artist just like the two characters in Bakuman. However, I had to face the fact that manga just isn’t as popular in the United States as in Japan. Now, as much as I would enjoy being a manga artist, lack of income security isn’t exactly appealing to me. Also, I probably wouldn’t be influencing or helping a lot of people if nobody reads the manga I create. Then, I realized that creating animated television shows and movies would satisfy what I seek in an occupation just as well, if not better, as creating manga. This is how I came to have the goal of becoming an animator and eventually a director and/or producer of animated television shows and movies.

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Hospital Management and CABG Surgery Case Essays

Hospital Management and CABG Surgery Case Essays Hospital Management and CABG Surgery Case Essay Hospital Management and CABG Surgery Case Essay There are various payoffs or benefits those one could expect from the implementation of care path method in the hospital. Execution of Care Path could help to improve the quality of operating processes of all the departments of Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) (Wheelwright Weber, 2004). The implementation of care path or critical path method could help to provide standard, modified, and better care to all the patients before and after the coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery. Reduction in operating cost and average length of stay could be also expected to result from the implementation of the care path approach in the hospital. The operating room cost that is determined by the amount of surgery performed could be expected to decline in the future due to the improvement in operating processes. Similarly, it could also help to reduce SICU staff cost per day due to the effective communication of information regarding the patients, current medications, and conceptual information and reduce delay to provide X-ray (Wheelwright Weber, 2004). Some of the other benefits could be expected from this method that includes shorter length of stay, less extensive tests, proper management of permanent medical record of each patient, availability of beds, reduced medical  complications etc. The revenue of MGH could be increased in the form of improvement in the heath care processes and benefits of care path method. Answer 2. Beneficiary Hospital Management 3 Several parties would be the beneficiary of improvements in health care process at MGH that includes stakeholders of the hospital like, management of the hospital, surgeons, physicians, staff members, and all the patients. The implementation of care path method could be helpful to reduce the hospital’s cost that includes operating room cost and SICU cost per day and increase  the hospital’s revenues that would be beneficial for the stakeholders of the hospital. Similarly, this approach could help to reduce the average length of patient stay for the coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) area in hospital and medical complaints that would be beneficial for the patients and patient’s family (Wheelwright Weber, 2004). The care path method would help nurses to effectively maintain patient’s permanent medical record through the care path check sheet. Such improvements in maintaining the patient’s medical records would be helpful for nurses and other accounting administrative staff to  maintain the record of each patient. The implementation of care path methods would be helpful to improve the communication between the MGH’s management and referring physicians, and smooth process of patients flow. Such improvements would be beneficial for the surgeons and physicians of the hospital, because of effective communication with hospital’s management. Answer 3. Approach, Resources and Timeline Bohmer and Torchiana should select small pilot program to implement the care path method for coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital  (MGH) to reduce the overall cost of hospital (Wheelwright Weber, 2004). The small pilot program would start in January to quickly implement the care path method by all the surgeons simultaneously at MGH. The implementation of care path surgery method through this approach might help the management to more quickly convert the benefits of care path method in other Hospital Management 4 departments of MGH. Several resources would be used to implement the care path method that includes human resources, hospital funds, machinery equipments etc. The human resources include all surgeons, doctors, nurses, physicians, and other hospital staffs. Bohmer and Torchiana would expect effective performance in all the departments of MGH in terms of quality and standardization of processes. The implementation of care path approach would help to reform the whole system of health care process of hospital through significant changes. Creation of a critical pathway through care path approach would helpful to take initial benefits and build an effective framework for the continuous improvement in the future (Wheelwright Weber, 2004). The performance of the hospital would improve in terms reduction in length of patient stay that would be dropped about 20% to 30%. This approach will  help the administration of the hospital to reduce the cost throughout the hospital. The implementation of care path method would help to maintain the cooperative environment in the hospital and develop a better way to treat patients and improve quality. The timeline that is expected to execute this approach in the hospital is as follows Month Procedure January, 2011 Implementation of program March, 2011 Assessment of program June, 2011 Evaluation and control of program Hospital Management 5 References Wheelwright, S Weber, J. (2004). Massachusetts General Hospital: CABG Surgery (A). Harvard Business School, pp. 1-21.

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Create a new business in the hospitality industry Term Paper

Create a new business in the hospitality industry - Term Paper Example The service facilities designed in this proposed hospitality organization could be duly considered as the ultimate place for both the families and commercial firms from different global destinations. The current hospitality business industry has been achieving major growth in terms of attaining attention of wide numbers of new entrants due to the budding growth of the industry and growth performance of organizations in this particular business domain as well. The primary purpose of this study is to develop an innovative business structure for the proposed business Hotel Spring in the emerging and highly competitive hospitality industry in Santa Monica, California. In order to develop a relevant business plan for the proposed venture, the discussion of the essay is highly focused on designing a strong image of the organization to meet philosophical perception of customers in the current hospitality business industry. In addition, the proposed plan describes employee management services along with strategies to improve their skills in satisfying needs and demands of customers. Employee service strategy to be deployed at Spring is to describe about problem solving strategy of the w orkers across different scenarios of their operations in organization. The proposed plan will also include research and strategic planning process by identifying tools and techniques to obtain relevant customer data. A critical focus on the responsible service training to serve liquor products to customers will also be a major factor in the proposed plan for Spring. In this process, the discussion would highly focus on preparing appropriate plan of service alcohol to customers with due regards to the SafeServe principles of the US. Finally, the proposed business plan for Spring provides a clear picture about the functions related with training and development activities for employees along with marketing strategies

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Project Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 13

Project Management - Essay Example Preciseness and accuracy as well as meeting the project’s objectives are very vital but cannot be achieved without proper planning (Butler & Richardson, 2011). It is indeed true that people variable is very significant in determining the input and the general planning of a project. Challenging free-wheeler based on the list of project variables may harvest very good returns for a particular project because every issue shall have been incorporated in the project (Butler & Richardson, 2011). Thorough discussions regarding the challenges and difficulties that may face the project may help in exposing future obstacles that may interfere with the smooth running of the project. Project planning is indeed an investment since it leads to success of the project and therefore should not be left to chance. There should be no excuse for such a thing that is aimed at saving both time and money. There may be dangerous costs that may be associated with failure to plan for a project (Rosenwinkel, 1995). According to Thilmany (2011), project planning is very crucial in controlling and evaluating a project right from its start to the end. Accountability and commitment in a project not only requires that all the information is tracked but that the resources are efficiently utilized and any form of wastage is reduced. Project variables should be highly taken into consideration while dealing with a project plan to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of a project. I was engaged in a project where the organization wanted an investigation of the installation of a new information system that would help in eliminating several bureaucracy involved in management including supervisory services. The project was supposed to take 100 hours and it involved exploration of new ways of doing business. We were in a team of five people performing the task for the project and three of us were management information system experts while two were individuals from human resource and a senior

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Australian Occupational Health & Safety BSBOHS406C Use equipment to Essay

Australian Occupational Health & Safety BSBOHS406C Use equipment to conduct workplace monitoring - Essay Example A high increase in the level of noise will lead to hearing loss in human beings. When workers are exposed to a noisy environment, it leads to stress and anxiety in them, so the employees are unable to give their full concentrate towards their job. Noise levels were measured with the sound level meter at various locations along the workshop fenced perimeter, along the exterior walls at door openings of the main workshop and internally at various centralised points (Oceanic Steel Workshops Noise Level Survey, 8 Kay McDuff Drive, Bundaberg Q 4670, 5th March 2009 Audit undertaken /3/2009: authorised K Philips, Director, page 3). In a particular work area, one can conduct noise audit by placing measuring devices/ meter in various sections of the workplace. Hearing problems in workers can be reduced by using ear muffs. Industries that produce unbearable noise must be based away from public places (hospital, school etc) so that the surroundings remain normal. For the survey, a Bruel & Kjear (BK) Type 2237 â€Å"Controller† Integrating Sound Level Meter (Calibration due 19/5/2010) was used at the time of audit and calibrated prior to the exercise with a BK Type 4230 Sound Level Calibrator set @ 93.8 ( ±3) dB (A) (page 3). ... Light is produced through pipe work, welding, grinding and cutting of metal sheets. There is a relation between noise and light within the industry. When a task is being done e.g.: grinding and cutting of a metal sheet, such activities require light in odder to work and this further produces noise. According to a fact in Australian industries â€Å"that a number of internal readings exceed 75 or 80 dB (A) would be sufficient reason to apply a basic enforcement ruling on hearing protection if necessary, upgrade the ruling based upon further noise level monitoring results† (Page 5). If the power tools are not handled with care, it may cause harm to the employees such as loss of life. Interior light is very vital to a firm, since most of the task is carried on with its help. Australian Standards documentation and/or Code of Practice and instrument of safe level of oxygen in a confined space: A confined space refers to the hazards associated with a set of specific circumstances (C onfined space, Code of Practice 2011, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, Department of Justice and Attorney-General, page 5) not since work is done in a small area. People cannot work in a confined space because it causes a lot of danger and since a confined space is a small area, which has no ventilation, there is no inflow of safe level of oxygen and this causes a hazardous atmosphere. Workers working in such an area face a lot of trouble and danger, as their work is a highly risky one. Air normally contains 21% of oxygen by volume, although oxygen levels of 19.5% — 23.5% by volume are considered to be safe. Some situations can cause the level of oxygen to dramatically decrease, leading to an oxygen-deficient atmosphere and possible